Help with a $3000 computer!

i have already built 2 systems (2007 and 2009) so i can assemble the system fine {unless water cooling is added, than i would have to learn something new}.
i will use it for FFXIV and some other games.
i will also use it for apps like CS5 master collection (mostly photoshop)
i have $3000 to spend- $120 kybrd, $50 mouse, $200 2nd monitor, and $1 mouse pad = $2629.
can you help me with the system
i want SSD and 4x HHDs (120GB SSD) (1TB HDDs)
do i need to wait until feb. {the furthest i will wait}
i want to oc so i need good cooling
i want the obsidian 800D case or NZXT phantom case)

// Please help me
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  1. both of my monitors are 2048 x 1152 resolution
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    Yep, wait for the new Intel socket in early January. You can get your video card faster, the day after tomorrow AMD will release new cards and the prices will go down.
  3. What RAID config are you planning on using for the 4x HDDs or do you not know right now?
  4. 2x 1tb hdd
    2x 1tb hdd

    No raid in Ssd
  5. Raid0 in all hdd storage configs
  6. only a 50usd mouse and a 1usd mousepad for a build like this lol? I have a more expensive mouse and my mouspad is 40 times more expensive and my system is far far cheaper in total.
  7. Lol... Have any mousepad suggestions. I usually use the ones the reps give my dad at his medical office.

    I have this one feels amazing it's like your mouse floats on it. Anyways down to buisness. Can you get a third monitor? three screen setups rock.

    As for the rest of the system, well the markets getting an overhual in the next few weeks I'd wait it out and see. You can already get HDDs, case, cooling, SSDs and all, but I'd wait with the core parts till amd realeases their cayman series and till intel releases their SB cpus.

    Also I'd get the 700D case. Most beautiful full tower in my opinion. I'm not a fan of windows. I like seeing the interns of my PC, but a window just doesn't do it for me I prefer taking the panel of when I want to admire :D.
  9. lol i thought u were talking about hatting Microsoft windows at first... you right if you put a Microsoft window on it might freeze... i usually use Ubuntu but i have windows on my machine too. i haven't been in the world of fast computers long { i'm only 13 } so im not so good at seeing the good deals and i don't have experience enough to know when to wait.
    personally i like non-Microsoft windows (rotflmao) so i can see my fan lights.
  10. 3 monitors might take up a lot of room, all being 23" diag (dell sp2039w). i code in c++ so two would help a lot
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