Cant get Extended display to work with new LCD

Hey Folks, need some help here. have tried for several days to get this working and nothing. I have a Win 7 machine with 2 video cards. and cant get the LCD to come up as anything trying to get it to be and extended desktop to stream my movies. Set up is as follows:

Win 7
ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series for my LCD Monitor
GeForce FX 5200 For the LCD TV

The GeForce has two outputs one DVI and one S video. The S video works fine but the DVI is converted to VGA and inputs on the TV as VGA. Win 7 detects it just fine but the TV prompts me with No Signal. Tried all the different resolutions and nothing. Any Ideas? Maybe Download Nvidia drivers? Didn't really try that seeing as i have 2 different cards and didn't want it to freak out. Please Help !! Thanks !!
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  1. You should be able to run two different drivers on W7 but the FX5200 is an old card and no longer supported by the latest drivers.
  2. Could you tell me why you chose to use the Nvidia to connect to your tele?
    A better result on Win7 would be to remove the Nvidia and connect the Monitor and the Tele to the ATI...
    The Nvidia is an older generation card it's DX9 support and the ATI is DX10.1 why use the Nvidia all together?
    and is you really want it to be of some use you can connect you monitor to it and just let it be the card for your rig
    But the ATI makes up for the Nvidia GPU, so why don't you just remove it and use a single GPU?
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