Which part(s) to upgrade?

I am seeking maximum gaming performance if someone can point me toward the best upgrade for about $300. Since this mobo and CPU are at the lowest end of the scale for dual core and expansion slots etc, I'm really considering replacing them as opposed to the video card. Any input is valuable to me as i am alittle rusty on hardware at this time. Should I replace the 5770 and buy more DDR2? Or would it make more sense just to get a decent AMD mobo/processor upgrade? Which upgrades will yield the highest gaming performance? I know that generally the video card is key but i have just the bare bones processor ram and motherboard. Thanks in advance.
Here are the specs:

Pentium Dual core E5200 stable at 3.2GHZ(from 2.5GHZ)
2 GB DDR2(max of 4GB with my current machine!)
win7 running in 64

As you can see my motherboard is budget and the processor is no different, and it cannot accept more than 4 GB of mere DDR2.
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  1. Budget will limit your upgrades, however extra RAM will make your PC more responsive and is one of the cheaper upgrades to show any real performance gain. Windows 7 64 has a recomended 2gb by MS - but this wont take into account any software you run besides the OS and a few applications (av etc)
  2. Thanks for the quick response; it looks like i will be buying a couple 2gb sticks of ddr2 800mhz. How much of a performance increase will I see from doubling my 2gb? Also is there any use for more than 4gb with gaming on windows 7?

    P.S. I neglected to mention in the OP that I use the machine with triple monitors in eyefinity. Benchmarks show that the newer ATI 6000 series cards such as the 6850(single card) run as fast as 5770 does in crossfire(maybe a video upgrade in addition to RAM would be worth it??). I do experience some choppyness with max details in Bad company 2 right now, and I can't use too much AF or AA. You know the usual crysis is not running playable online with good settings, bad company 2 studders if the machine has been on for several days etc.. I can't max things out. Do you think that more ram alone could allow this?
  3. I meant 6870... will check framerate after RAM upgrade, thanks fellas.
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