Pics appearing on video files-NOT!!

Recently I bought a new computer with windows 8. An issue i'm having is that when I download videos the sample pics that USED to appear on each video file don't anymore. How to I adjust the settings so that the pics appear on video files like my old xp program did?
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  1. You have to change the view type of that folder. Uh, I haven't familiarized myself with windows 8 but on most other OS'es its at the top somewhere, just change it from what its currently at to Icons.

    Alternatively you can right click the folder (again this is windows 7, though it should look similar) and hit properties, go into customize, and change the folder type.
  2. i know in 7 you have to go under the folder froperties and make sure it has use thumbnails etc as well as go into your control panel, system, advanced system settings, advanced, performance settings and make sure show thumbnails instead of icons as well as use background images for folders is checked and you should be all set
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