First boot, no video

Hey whats up this is my first post but definatly not my first build:

Coolmasters Scout CM Case

AMD Phenom2 x4 925

Coolmasters V8 CPU fan


Gigabyte radeon hd 5770

G.Skillz Ripsaw DDR3

Aerocool Fan controler

OCZ 600W power supply

80g - OS

120g + 200g - stripped

500g - backup

DVD Writer

Now, my problem is i put the pc together without the ram because it was still in the mail. I wanted to see the fans all lit up and how it looked. I didnt see any problem powering it on with no ram, so i did, and everything worked fine with my speaker beeking like crazy because of the no ram. The ram came in today and i put it in and then booted it up. Mind you there is no onboard video so i have it hooked to my HD5770. I have no lights on the fans that came with the case but they are spinning fine, my 120mm fan is running fine with the lights. No video detected. I looked and see a vga on the motherboard but its a male connector.... can someone please help me, im dying to get this running..
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  1. BTW, that is a serial port and not a VGA port.
  2. Do you have the 6-pin connecter plugged into your GPU?
  3. Thanks alot guys... It was a combo of two things. When i tucked all the wires, one power connector came lose it was the connector for the light switch for the fans.... The second was one of my sticks of RAM is bad. The PC boots fine with one stick in, but when I put the second stick in, even by itself I get nothing... Do I call g. Skills about this to send me a new stick.

    Also on a side note i have a 500G external drive that i wanted to use for back up. Since I am using 80G for o.s can i use the stripped 160G&200G in raid0 with the internal 500g i used to use for backup and use the external 500G for backup.
  4. You have to use identical drives in RAID. Well, technically not, but I think you'll find it not worth the time or effort.
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