Not enough power?

A few months ago I brought a Pre-built PC for 9,999$ NT (About $340 USD)
Now I am experiencing some problems with the computer,
First, I get random freezes (Usually when I'm playing games :whistle: ) And my speakers emit garbled noise during the freeze. Only way out is restarting.
Second, I get random restarts where the computer says that a "hypertransport sync flood error" occurred.

I have done my research and I believe that the power supply isn't good enough. (thats what I think)
According to 'Antec Power Supply Calculator'
My system takes 239 w.
Please tell me if I am correct or not.
If I am correct, will a 350 watt PSU fix the problems?
If not, what is the problem?

-System Specs-
MSI 740GM-P25 [BIOS v.2.3]
AMD Athlon II x4 @ 3.0 Ghz
ATI Radeon HD 5450 1Gb
300 watt PSU
*Full system information is attached*
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  1. Most of the system power has to be supplied by the +12 volt rail on the PSU. It is likely that your 300watt is on the verge of being able to do enough on the +12 volts. A modern PSU has min about 80% of its total power available on the + 12 volts but in case of your system to be save with a total load of 239watts if you get a PSU that has about 20amps for the +12 volts you should run without issues.
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