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Looking for opinions on running XP on an eMachines system with a Intel Pentium E5400 / 2.7 GHz and 4GB RAM. I'm thinking of getting this system but it doesn't come with an operating system or disc. I have my sp1XP install disc and license from the old Dell 4600 I need to replace before it dies completely (intermittent no-boot). I've had to reinstall XP and realize it takes quite a while to get it fully updated.

The old Dell does handle most of what I need it to do. I've considered replacing the motherboard and hoping that it fixes the no-boot issue but its a shot in the dark. I've replaced the power supply and hard drive to keep it going but realize this machine is going on 8 years.

I'm going for inexpensive options as I get the feeling that in two or three years we'll have a better idea of type of computer we need. (i.e. TV's integrating streaming and GoogleTV etc.)

This eMachines had a favorable review on Cnet and looks like a reasonable option to get us by for another three years or so.

I'm happy with XP but just don't know if a modernish hardware upgrade will be beyond what XP is designed.

Any insights appreciated.
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  1. It is unlikely that the XP install disk will work on the new machine, and your license likely is tied to your old computer. Spring for a Home Premium version of W7, ~$100 at newegg.
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