Overclocking Issues - Vcore won't increase

Hey, so I'm trying to overclock my system again... but when I raise the Vcore in my bios, its not actually raising the Vcore (I'm pretty sure it isn't, no monitoring program in windows shows the Vcore raised the intended amount)

Its a Q6600 G0, trying to push it up to 3.6GHz @ 1.48125 Vcore (thats where it was before stable) but it seems that I can't raise the voltage any higher that 1.44 (That's what CPU-Z was reading when I had it set up to 1.46+) and Core Temp still reads it at 1.28725...

When I had it set up at 3.6GHz, my speakers were lagging and making like a staticy noise, and the whole computer was just running bad, it actually froze once or twice... Now that I have it back down to stock there are no issues.

CPU: Intel Q6600 Stock @ 2.4 GHz
Mobo: Asus P5Q Pro Turbo
Power Supply: 650W Corsair

Thanks for help in advance... I'm kind of thinking my Power Supply may just not be big enough to handle the 1.48125 Vcore... does this sound possible? Other suggestions?
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  1. I tried to reset CMOS and redo it, but same problem, the Vcore isn't increasing like I need it to for a stable over clock..
  2. Same problem still.. no solutions? I cant figure this one out...
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