MSATA as bootup and cache?

I am building a new system and my motherboard has a mSATA slot onboard. From what I understand Intel has set this up specifically as a cache disk for their "Smart Response Technology". If I purchase a 64GB mSATA card for my mobo can I use it for both the OS and also caching? I will be installing Win7 64 Professional. I have 2 1.5TB drives for my software. I just want the mSATA as an OS boot disk and cache (if this is possible with Smart Response). Or, if not I will just use it as cache only but it might be overkill.

Your thoughts?
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  1. No way. Get a full size SSD in the 120GB and above capacity and use it as pure boot and program driver (no SRT) for the best performance per dollar ratio.
  2. One of the reasons the SRT appealed to me was that the way it improved the most run programs and even boot time. Also I am kinda tapped out and cant afford a full sized SSD. I might just leave it as cache only and boot from the SATA hard drive. I have seen tests where it performed only marginally slower than the SSD. Thanks.
  3. Even if you are using SRT. A normal SATA SSD will still give you better performance to price ratio than using mSATA drive.
  4. For sure, the HD+SRT SSD is an option for now. Thanks.
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