Cooler master hyper 212+ installation failiure!

hey guys so i spent 4 hours trying to install this cooler and its driving me insane
I run a gigabyte 890 mobo and installed the back plate fine, since i have a am3 processor its a different look but it works.
So, after placing the sink on the processor i put the rentition plate through the bottom and expand it to my need, only finding out that if i screw in one side the other side of the plate becomes lifted and only 2/4 screws are in at any given time.....Why does the other side lift up? Any help would be AWEsome :]
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  1. I hate to say this but its most likely user error.
    the instructions are cryptic and for 3 different kinds of sockets

    Ive been doing this for 15 years and it took me 30min to figure out what way it worked.

    the coated side faces the bottom of the motherboard.

    the 4 screws then screw it to the motherboard

    then you have to make sure you put the top piece that holds the heatsink at the right setting and also the middle screw holes.
    not closest or farthest.

    if you need more help please take pictures of what the issue is and post them
    and ill try to help more once I see exactly what you are doing wrong

    READ THE INSTRUCTIONS for amd socket 3 about 10x or till you actually understand the engrish
  2. here is a pic, as u can see only one side is stable
    You might want to try securing screws in a cross-pattern which is usually recommended for most installations when heatsinks are involved.
    Tighten one screw at the top till it catches cross over to the opposite bottom corner.
    Count the full turns or visually check for the same height on all the screws.
    Don't overtighten.
    Amd is not as critical as an Intel install which relies on cpu pressure for best results.
  4. Awesome, I fit it in using the diagonal method, thanks so much u guys :)
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