PSU upgrade for HP p6320y

I've been doing a lot of research to soon upgrade my video card which inevitably means a PSU upgrade. In my search I cam across this thread

In it are different suggestions for a PSU however according to HP's site the mobo uses one 24-pin ATX power connector and one 4-pin ATX power connector. All of the PSU's listed show 20+4pin. How could this work?
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  1. 20+4 is 24 :) It's just a different way of saying the same thing. You might also have another 4-pin connection by the CPU, but I see none in the picture.

    The people in the thread are recommending OCZ PSUs, which are OK but not the best.

    I got a good look at your comp here:

    Here's a very nice Seasonic at a great price:
  2. There is another 4pin near the CPU and that's my concern. I have a 24pin main connector plus the other 4pin.
  3. All modern PSUs will have those connectors. It's not an issue. Every modern board has a 24 pin connection and another 4 or 8 pin CPU power connection.

    Some PSUs come with a 4+4 connector. It's splittable if the CPU power just needs 4 pins. Some PSUs come with a 4-pin and a separate 8-pin. All of them work.
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