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I'm looking for the best possible upgrade path, probably going to buy myself some parts for Christmas. Part of this is because I currently have a dual monitor setup [24" Samsung and 23" LG] and I've purchased a new TV so my old 37" is hanging above my monitors and I'd like to hook it up. I've discovered my 4890 won't do it so I either need a dual video card setup which I don't want to do or I need to upgrade to a 5xxx/6xxx setup with an active DisplayPort adapter to VGA or DVI/HDMI. I'll probably do VGA [$25 adapter] or less likely HDMI [$100 adapter] for the TV since it's only 720p.

Anyhow I've got:
60 GB Vertex SSD
2x 2 TB WD Green Drives
Sonata III Case w/ 500W PSW
Forgot the motherboard but it's some 775 Socket medicore one

I'm considering just doing an upgrade of everything and just giving my girlfriend my current rig or else upgrade the processor/RAM/vid card/motherboard. The only necessary thing is the video card along with those stupidly overprice active HDMI or VGA adapters. Is it going to be a noticable upgrade if I go to i5 760/DDR3 RAM/HD6850 and keep the harddrives?
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  1. Wait a month for Sandy Bridge, the next gen Intel CPUs.
  2. it is a noticable upgrade, but Proximon is right. I'm planning a full replace of my very similar system early next year (you can see it in my signature)
  3. If you are going to buy a whole new computer, wait a month. otherwise buy a display port capable card
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