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Hey guys,
I need your help. When I browse on the web, or play games (either older ones) I have 100% cpu usage. My cpu usage also raise to 40% when I'm just moving my mouse too fast on the desktop.

It's really annoying, mainly in games, because it cause smoothness issues and the game is then behaving bad.

I searched a lot on web and found some possible solutions, but nothing helped.

My specs:
Intel Celeron D 3,2 Ghz (after OC 3,8 Ghz)
mobo Gigabyte ep41-ud3l
A-DATA 1024 MB 667 Mhz
HDD Maxtor 160 Gb
nVidia Geforce 8600 Gt 256 MB
350 W Power supply
WIN XP 32 Bit SP3

1, it's not virus related - I did scans with combofix, malware bytes, superantispyware etc.,
2, HDD defragmented, cleaned with windows cleaner and CCleaner, did a registry clean also
3, I tried different mobos (foxconn, gigabyte)
4, Not temperature related (before undervolting about 55 °C in 100% usage, after max 48°C)
5, not OS related (win xp, win7, linux ubuntu) all have high cpu usage

I will be very gratefull for every helpfull ideas
Thanks in advance :)
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  1. Ctrl,alt delete go to system processes and see what is taking up the most load, then post the results here and i will assit you futher.
  2. 100% CPU useage in games is due to the weak Celeron D. With a P41 chipset motherboard you should get a cheap Core2Duo and put in there. Celerons suck. Also you only have 1GB of RAM. XP's sweet spot is 2GB and even 32bit XP benefits from 4GB.
  3. anort3 said:
    100% CPU useage in games is due to the weak Celeron D. With a P41 chipset motherboard you should get a cheap Core2Duo and put in there. Celerons suck.

    True in games, but at idle is shouldnt be under such a load/
  4. XP service pack 3 is NOT the same OS that was released as Windows XP ( before the service packs). It requires much better hardware to run smoothly on.
  5. I get what you are saying but at idle it still shoudn't be using that much cpu.
  6. You ever had a Celeron? I have. They are weak at everything. Lack of cache cripples them. Also how full is your hard drive OP?
  7. Thanks for quick replies. It's very strange that time to time the games are smooth-that happens maybe once a month.
    My HDD: C: 42GB/34Gb used, D: 107Gb/87GB used
    Hmm I thought that that OC celeron D could run smoothly some games. SO do you think that due to the lack of cache it cause my problems?
    Can you recommend some Intel C2D CPUs? To be compatible with the other hardwares.
  8. Here is a complete list. I would not spend too much as LGA775 is a dead platform but if you can find a cheap Core2Duo or Quad that would fix your problems.


    Celerons are value chips not designed for gaming. They are more for web browsing only. you have a single core Celeron D. Most games need a dual core chip to run smoothly. At least games since 2005 or so. Also the memory needs to be upgraded.
  9. just play doom 1 and be happy lol.
  10. I see, so maybe an Intel C2D E6600 ? + ddr2 ram.
    I'm just curious, the e6600 have a 1066 fsb it means that i have to (or should) buy a 1066 mhz memory?
  11. No on the memory. You do not link it like that. Some good DDR2 800 would be my suggestion. a 4GB kit 2x2GB would make a huge difference.

    Something like this is a cheap drop in for your motherboard that will kill that Celeron.

  12. To be honest with you I would save my money for a complete system upgrade. You would have to spend too much in my opinion on obsolete tech to make an upgrade cost worthy.
  13. I don't want to spend too much money, I just want to play sometimes counter-strike, watch a HD film (which is by the way laggy now) and have more things opened in win without perfomance drop.
    Would you recommend a newer Intel Core e6600/6500 as you mentioned, with 2 mb cache and higher clock, or an older e6600 (with old chipset/core) with higher cache 4mb and lower clock like this: http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=27250 ???
  14. They no longer make the older "Conroe" based Core2s. You are fine with the newer "Wolfdale" products though.
  15. I know I just thought that I ought buy an older one on ebay.
    Well my choose will look like this:
    Intel C2D E6500
    2x1GB kit Kingston HyperX Blue 800 Cl4

    Later I let you know how it works and if it solved my problem, anyway big thanks for all advice. :)
  16. Good luck.
  17. Try using a dedicated rootkit scanner first. Our last encounter with a rootkit, none of those could even detect it even though it was TDSS which they say they can. TDSSkiller app got it thou.
  18. Quote:
    uninstall your antivirus

    How exactly could it be his antivirus when he lists 3 different operating systems including Linux that run slow?

    Same with having a virus. Maybe 1 OS maybe even 2 but 3?
  19. 1) See if your hard disk drive is not set in BIOS to run in PIO mode
    2) Check if your hard disk drive is developing bad sectors
    3) Scan your computer with HijackThis and paste the report here.
  20. Rootkits run before bootup, its how they work, so although it might not affect linux I'm sure it would impact performance while trying to do "its thing".
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