Graphics card upgrade on P4 system

Hello I have a 3ghz Pentium 4 from 2005 and I was wondering what card I should get that will be a good pair with the cpu. I'm looking for something around 100 dollars and I have already upgraded the psu to a 500w because the first one died in a power surge.
(I realize it isn't worth the money to upgrade but I don't plan a building a pc anytime soon)
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  1. Tell me about your board, agp or pci-e?

    5670/GT240 as the GT430 is a joke if I ever seen one oh wait I have :s
  2. Guess I forgot one important information...It's a Intel board with pci-e slots.
  3. I would also say the gddr 5 version of the 5570 would be a good options pretty much the exact same chip as the 5670 just slightly underclocked
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