Need Some Quick Help With Tri-Channel RAM Configuration

Hello, guys. I have a system that is the following:

i7 920 @ 2.67ghz factory clock.
ATI 5670 x2 crossfireX 1gb each factory clock.
3gb RAM @ 1333 MHZ DDR3 tri-channel.

I think my power supply is 800W, as it is an Alienware, but I couldn't find the sticker on my powersupply when I opened my case up earlier.

I know my PSU is at least 575W, as that's the bare minimum for all Alienware products.

I opened my computer up, and where the RAM is, I saw this:

There were 6 sockets in total, 3 with white clamps, 3 with black, each alternating back and forth after each clamp starting with the white one.

In every white clamp, there were 1gb sticks of my DDR3 ram. 3 of the sockets were empty.

Does this mean that if I put a 2GB stick in each of the black sockets, I'll be able to keep my tri-channel configuration and get 9GB of ram since I'll have 1x3 and 2x3?

If so, this is good news. If not, then I guess I have to waste my 1gb sticks and buy some 3gb sticks.
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  1. BUMP, I need help asap zulu please
  2. Yes. You can add 2GB sticks to the other 3 slots. it is generally recommended to have all of your ram sticks be identical but as long as all of the sticks in a set are the same it should be OK.
  3. Should be the case yes. Use CPUz or pull one of the sticks you have to get the info. Then buy sticks that match. You should be able to buy the 6GB kit and add to your 3GBs.
  4. I like how you think, Bruce. That could work.

    I'm assuming RAM is standardized and that DDR3 ram will fit into my sockets?

    Also, why is it recommended that they be the same? Does that mean I should buy 1gb sticks to match the 3 1gb sticks that are already there?
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