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Config the CPU Voltage without frying the CPU on start up

Last response: in Motherboards
November 14, 2011 11:17:53 PM

I'm looking to install a slot 1 Coppermine Pentium III 1000 MHz 100 FSB SL4KL (1.75 V) into a ASUS P2B Rev 1.12 Motherboard. How do I set the CPU voltage in the BIOS down to 1.75 V, If I need the CPU installed to get to the BIOS, won't the original CPU settings (don't know what they're currently set to) fry the CPU when I first start up the PC to get to the BIOS? How do I reduce the CPU voltage without first frying the CPU on start up. Thank you
November 28, 2011 3:55:55 PM

o1die said:
Here are some examples of adapter cards for your board: Find your model number and do a search for directions.

Dear o1die,

Thank you so much for your reply - I've taken your advice and purchased the exact same Super Slocket III as you suggested, It looks ideal (with jumpers on-board that allows Coppermines).

I should still like to know though, If you upgrade a CPU (with a different voltage from the already installed CPU) into a motherboard that has no physical jumper settings to change before switching on the power, How do you set the new CPU voltage without damaging it? If you go straight into the BIOS does the BIOS only use say, a tiny amount of voltage that won't harm the CPU, giving you the chance to then set the CPU voltage to the correct level? Or will going into the BIOS straight away still damage the new CPU due to the voltage being set at the previous CPU level??

It seems to be a chicken or the egg situation - how do you set the CPU voltage without frying the CPU if you need to put the CPU in to get to the BIOS to set the CPU voltage?

Thank you