Issue booting up beyond windows logo screen.

Alright, here are my system specs.
I'm currently running a asus p6t mobo, and i7 930, a HD 5770 , 4 gigs of ram in a haf 92 case. I used an older 200 gig hard drive from my old computer, it's about 7 years old now. windows 7 ultimate.

I originally had a different case, everything worked just fine for months but I transferred over those parts in favor of the bigger case, hoping to expand gradually and get better parts over the newt few months.
Anyways, I found that the mobo didn't fit very well in the case, causing it to warp slightly due to the place of the screws.
The comp wouldn't turn on, even sparked at me one time I tried to turn it on.
I found that losening the screws caused the comp to turn on , giving me a screen that said there was a over-current; and which then shut the computer down. I found that further lossening of the screws caused the computer to work just fine.
Oh, I should also mention that the after market proccesor fan; Hyper520 from cooler master, does not fit the motherboard tray properly, the mounting brackets. So I simply removed the mounting bracket, using only the bolts to hold the heat sink down , seems like it's in there sturdy. ( was this my biggest mistake? )

Anyways, it worked fine like I said for 3 or 4 weeks. But then I came home just the other day and found my computer will turn on, get to the windows logo screen; windows 7 logo will glow like twice and then shut off, restart and repeat. I've tried everything, safe mode, debug mode, starting from old settings, even popping the restore disk in seems to yield no results, the same thing happening.
I'm wondering, although I don't think so , if this is software issues.
But I'm thinking it's likely the mobo or the 7 year old hard drive.
In any case I'm at a loss and wondering if anyone had an idea as to what it might be, or what I may be able to do.
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  1. It sounds like the motherboard has been thoroughly abused.
    Either the motherboard tray was warped or you installed the standoffs incorrectly, causing a short.
    Then you followed it up by failing to use the bracket for the heavy CPU cooler, putting further strain on the board and the CPU socket.

    You need to break it down, and check every standoff. There should only be standoffs under corresponding holes in the motherboard. If these cannot be tightened properly then the tray has become warped somehow and needs to be replaced.

    Once that is done the bracket, which is designed for the LGA 1366 socket, should work. I see many others that have successfully used it and can't believe your board is an exception.
  2. Okay, well.
    I found out that I didn't install the standoffs at all, lol. -shrugs- This is my first build and I didn't have any one help me.
    In any case, You all are positive that its the mobo and not possibly something else?
    It would make sense , considering I now understand that I shorted out the motherboard , but I just don't understand why it even makes it that far is to get past multiple glows on the start up screen.
    Another odd thing I noticed is that the standard intel fan that comes with the i7 stands like 8 degrees C cooler than the new fan I bought.
    And I'm positive the hyper 520 was installed correctly.
  3. Additionally , the motherboard doesn't seem to be bent at all. Now that I installed the standoffs the heavier aftermarket cooler fits decently.
    Do think it will be possible to RMA it?
    I bought the board like 5 months ago.
    As far as I can SEE there is no visible damage, nothing seems burnt, nothing smells bad. All the lights turn on, though oddly all the fan ports don't seem to work. Everything looks just like it did when I took it out of the wraping, nothing fell off, nothing is missing. As far as handling it I have been very careful.
    Everything seems to be recognized in the bios, I can read the mobo temp, the processor temp, it recognizes the hard drive, and obviously the video card is working.
    I've heard that ASUS isn't the best in customer support.
    So would it be best to try and RMA it? ( iff possible) or to save up for a new mobo?
    In the case of a NEW mobo, what would be a good one?
    I'm looking for something in the 100-200 dollar price range.
    I'm not particularly concerned with having more than a 2-PCI express mobo. just want something that overclocks good.
    Newegg does have a recertified EVGA 3way mobo, for a hundred and thirty USD but it's lacking Newer tech like sata 6.
  4. The board doesn't need to be burnt to be damaged, and should be replaced at this point. Even if you get it working it will never be right (based on my experience).

    Try to RMA if you like.

    As for the CPU cooler I can only guess that you didn't apply any thermal paste or applied too much. Or failed to clean off the CPU heatspreader (the top of the CPU) before applying the paste/cooler.

    And try these references for instructions on building and fixing:
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