Core2 duo and ati 5830

Hi im wondering if i will end up with a bottleneck if i put the 5830 with my 3.16ghz core2 duo. if i do, i may just go with a slightly lower end card but i would like to have eyefinity for my 3 1280x1024 monitors. I play games like badco2 and the new meddle of honor if that helps give you an idea of what i want in performance. thanks in advance :)
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  1. i think you should get at least a 5850 for that resolution in eyefinity, if not something more powerful. 5830 is too slow for that res with 3 x monitors. Dont worry about your CPU too much, it should be fine.
  2. thanks how much difference is it between the cards i can get a 5830 for 150 but the 5850is like $100 more
  3. 1. You'll be fine with Core 2 Duo at 3.16GHz, don't worry about that.
    2. Agree with iam2thecrowe, get at least HD5850 if you want eyefinity 3 monitors. Yes, i know your resolution is just 1280x1024, but running 3 monitors isn't an easy task.
    3. Could you tell us your FULL specs? CPU-RAM-Mobo-PSU-OS?
  4. +1 5850
  5. full spec: Intel Core 2 Duo E8500, 4gb ddr2 ram, mobo i have no idea it is the stock atx one that comes with a lenovo m57, psu is a Ultra 650w, and im on win 7 32bit (i know its 32bit with 4gb ram...). my gpu right now is a gts250 (i just really want eyefinity)
  6. Your current specs are good enough, but can't you save a little bit? HD5850 is more wise budget-performance card and better than HD5830...
    If you really can't save more money then go with HD5830 just like your plan before, but for future HD5830 isn't going last long, especially if you are running 3 monitors on eyefinity mode...
  7. thanks for the info i will probably get the 5850 now that i have a bunch of opinions... i will be getting some money from selling my gts250. one last question is the 5850 still 11.5in like the 5830 because that is the largest card i can fit in my case.
  8. Yup, the length of HD5850 is quite the same like HD5830:
    looking at those picture, i'm pretty sure those card is the same in term of length...
  9. also make sure you have enough power on PSU...
  10. ok thanks ya i think a 650w psu will work
  11. Yes, 650W PSU should enough to run HD5850.
    may i know what exactly is your PSU? brand? model?
  12. Many 5830's used the 5870 pcb, the 5850 is 1/2 shorter.
    There are exceptions. XfX used a smaller pcb for their 5830.
  13. Ultra LSP650 650-Watt Power Supply is what i have and thanks notty22 for clarifying
  14. Quote:
    I'd rather go with a nVidia upgrade then move to ATi.

    I would agree except for the fact that i would really like to get 3 screens running. my gts250 already runs all my game at high settings at around 35fps so the only reason i want to upgrade it to tryout eyefinity
  15. but then again nvidia does have "surround" or what ever its called

    however i would need to have 2 cards in sli to do that and i only have one PCIe card slot so never mind :ange:
  16. or i might get a 6870... i see one on newegg for about $200
  17. yes, get one.
  18. just got a 6870 and a i5 quad 2.8... that should do it :) thanks for the help guys
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