Amd phenom II triple core processor vs intel core i5-450m processor

I am looking to buy a new computer this week. I have found two that seem to fit my needs. I need to know which processor is better, faster: HP Pavilion Laptop featuring Intel Core i5-450M Processor or HP LED Laptop with AMD Phenom II Triple-Core Processor.

My basic computer needs are for my graduate studies, gaming and my small business. I do not wish to have to buy another computer next year. Price is really not an issue as long as I have the best for my dollars.

My past computers had slower processors and did not really handle my needs. They were only based on price. I am not tied to HP, it's just the brand I have been researching lately. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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  1. The AMD Phenom II is the P680. Do you still say AMD Phenom?
  2. I suspect 'turbo' on the i5-450M would win in single threads and highly parallel apps would win on the PII triple.

    Not much help, am I? :)
  3. I can't even find P680 with a Google search.

    Show us links to the specific laptops your looking at.
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  5. I would give the win to the i5 thanks to hyperthreading, turboboost, and superior architecture of the cpu itself.
  6. I agree the i5 beause of hyperthreading, but they both seem pretty darn nice.
  7. Don't really have a budget. This one will be it for the next few years.
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