Power supply failed to jump start, is it broken?

I used the paperclip trick (one end into green and other into black) to see if the power supply is working and I plugged it in, nothing happens. I'm working on a friend's computer that doesn't even start up, just the power led comes on what I power it up and that's it, the fans don't spin up, it doesn't make a sound, nothing. So does that mean the psu is dead since the paperclip trick failed? I have done it before so it's not like I did something wrong as far as I'm aware.


Paperclip trick failed to start up psu

Is the cause of computer not working the psu?

Edit: I have a spare power supply laying around, could I try plugging that in to see if the computer will start up? It won't fit so I'll have to keep case open and situate the psu on it somehow. I think I will need to ground it to case somehow?
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  1. If the paper clip did not work then the PSU is broken, a computer needs a working PSU to work!
  2. use that spare psu, you dont need to ground it just to test it. just plug t in and try turning it on.
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