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SDD taking a ***?

ok so this all started after a power flicker one night, i think it may have been auto updating as well but thats just a guessatmate cause i was asleep. at boot once it would get to windows actully loading right before the login part i would get a blue screen, like the phyical dump but no dumping, just a message about windows failing? so i put my OS on my 1TB extern and formatted my SDD(after trying to fix it via windows repair and using the CD). it worked ok after that for a little wile but then started locking up with a quick freeze and then an immediate reboot but an unsuccessful boot too, just a black screen with a blinking _ in the top left? id boot back after a full power down.

heres where im unsure, after a couple a freezes(about 45 mins apart) my system wouldnt boot what so ever. my mobo has 2 digit LED lights to tell me a lil about its running, FF is when its powering on, then goes through a few more steps before the boot. it wouldnt pass FF. Fixed that be taking the whole thing apart and reassembled. to my knowledge a HDD does take effect till after the splash, i couldnt even get to the bios.

After this lockups became more frequent and drivers started going out? first all sound(like i couldnt even find it in devices) then my internet.

also a wierd thing, some lockups wernt complete freezes? like my desktop would freeze but my current processes would continue and my sidebar clock kept on ticking. And other times its vice versa,

im currently using a differnt HDD standerd 500g and so far everything seems norm, downloaded google chrome and posted this? so it seems it is my SDD wich makes me sad... but if anything changes like another lockup i will update this post.

Thanks for any feedback
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    Are there any errors in the event log? It sound like either the PSU or motherboard may be flaking out.
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