Onboard LAN seems dead

I have run out of PCI slots and I now need my onboard Lan to function, but it doesn't. Previously I used a PCI card to connect. My motherboard is an Asus A7VBX-LA The computer was a Compaq Presario1215CL. The LAN chip seem to be a Via RHINE II 6103. Windows XP 32bit SP3.

I have reinstalled windows recently, the LAN has never worked under previous installs.

Under Xubuntu, the onboard Lan never functioned.

The Device Manager Shows the Adapter as installed, and working properly, but the cable unplugged - even when the cable is plugged in.

I have tried drivers from 2004 and now ones from 2010, but still no difference.

I have never flashed this motherboard. I can't seem to find the sticker on the motherboard for the original mac address.

The Bios has onboard Lan enabled, Boot from lan (or whatever) is disabled, and 1394 connection is disabled.

One thing that I think might be important is that this old computer arrived to me with a PCI NIC adapter with it, Why would Compaq ship a computer that has onboard Lan with a PCI NIC card? Perhaps the onboard was disabled? would I be able to install drivers if the onboard was disabled?

Originally this computer was installed with Compaq windows Xp home edition, but then I installed windows XP pro, after a problem.

Any help would really be appreciated.
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  1. My guess is that the onboard LAN is dead, and has never worked.
  2. I contacted a seller with the same board, he said his Lan worked fine.

    My solution was to use used USB NIC adapter. It workes like a charm. It doesn't use a PCI slot, only a USB port and that's great! Only cost me Ten bucks.
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