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My computer is a little over a year old now, and just in the last few days it will not shut down. It gets to the shutting down screen and will stay there until the power button is held down.

I have win7 64bit, and nothing new has been installed/downloaded to my knowledge. I have tried doing a clean boot with all services (including windows services) disabled. That allowed me to restart. Enabling windows services only caused the shutdown to hang.

Do I need to reinstall windows, or is there something else happening. This issue seemed to come out of the blue and is rather irritating.

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  1. Here's what I would do

    Step 1: System restore to before the problems began
    Step 2: Backup all data then attempt repair install
    Step 3: Do full re-install
  2. Thanks for the reply, I will try restoring when I get home from work.

    One question though, could this issue be hardware related at all? I would hate to reinstall windows and have the issue come back
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