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I get colorful pixels over my screen. My computer was connected to a lcd pc screen and had random pixel appearing around the screen. All from 2-3 to 20-30. It also has problems with games it should handle. Its not the lcd screen that has a problem. I have tested that.
I connected the pc to my 46" LED tv and now i get alot more pixels errors, but more in a pattern. In games its worse. Hard to explain, but its like one of the dots that makes a corner on a 3d model is appearing another place and makes a triangle from the dot to the 3d model. Like if you pinch a spot on a balloon and drag it out from the balloon. It will make a triangle from where you pinch back to the the balloon.
If I scroll up or down, it will create a line of pixels from one of the pixels that were there before i scrolled.
I got some picture of the 3d model error, and the pixels on the desktop (a screenshot saved in paint, so not a monitor error) and lines moving from top to bottom over the screen in movies.
It was not many pixel errors at the time i took the screenshot, its usually over the doubled.

I have a Gainward GeForce 7950 gt grapich card...
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  1. That is artifacting which means that you have a problem with the graphics card. You may try to clean it and improve the cooling in hope that will fix the problem if the damage isn't perminant but if it does not help then you have no choice but to replace the card.
  2. can it be a driver fail? I have cleaned the card and i got less pixel errors on the screen, but still some and still the rest of the the errors. Im going to format and reinstall windows and the new grapich drivers and see if that helps.....
  3. I think that you answered your own question. Key word "less pixels errors" with out a doubt that you know what is wrong and it isn't driver. You have a failing card....

    Nvidia cards that I have owned...

    Riva TNT
    Geforce 256 ddr
    Geforce 4 4400
    Geforce 5 FX5200
    Geforce 6 6800gt pci-e
    Geforce 7 7600gs (2x)
    Geforce 7 7800gs
    Geforce 7 7900gs ko (3x)
    Geforce 7 7900gtx duo (2x)
    Geforce 8 8400gs
    Geforce 8 8600gt
    Geforce 8 8600gts
    Geforce 8 8800gtx
    Geforce 9 9800gt (2x)
    Geforce GTX460

    I know what I am talking about when it comes to Nvidia cards.
  4. hehe ok thanks, new card then
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