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I decided to rebuild my compaq and upon putting in a new Micro ATX motherboard, I found that the edge is touching two of the avilable standoffs. These are metal standoffs pre-affixed to the motherboard - they aren't brass or plastic, but rather metal "humps." It pisses me that I either have to buy a new case or shave down these things (I don't have any equipment at home for that). I'll send a pic. I'm sure it's NOT okay - I'm very concerned about shorting out my mobo.

Secondly, I've already applied thermal grease and the heatsink to my new motherboard. If I don't get it "hot" for a while, is that okay? Is it okay if a complete motherboard sits for a while with fresh thermal grease before being used? I might have to set this thing aside for a while. Asides from running about town to find some anti-static bags, is that okay?

I'm kind of ticked - I'm not sure what to do from here because I didn't expect this.

Edit: The only thing I can think to do is to run to lowes and grab some plastic spacers. Again, I'm not sure if that's the most reasonable thing to do, or even appropriate for a long term fix. Thoughts?

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  1. It's probably not a standard ATX configuration, and one of the proprietary configurations used by major manufacturers.

    I guess I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "touching", are the holes just not lining up and you don't want a standoff on a random spot on the board?
  2. Six of the eight standoffs line up correctly (Micro ATX) -- it lines up just like the old motherboard did, so no problems with that. But because they're so bulging, the front two (that go unused) actually touch the bottom edge of the board. I'm not sure if it will short my board or not. The original motherboard that was in the computer was Micro ATX as well. The only issue is the size of the manufaturer's pre-assembled standoffs on the tray - I'm not sure what consequences will happen if the bottom of the motherboard is touch that metal where it's not supposed to.

  3. I had an experience like you're describing with a Thermaltake V3 midtower.

    I don't think you'll hurt anything, but it might be worth the time to throw a square of black tape over it just in case.
  4. The one thing I have in the house I didn't think about using. Alright, I guess I'll give this a go then. Any thoughts on the standoffs and ground itself? Should I seek spacers or no and just do the black tape thing?

    I'd grind those top two down, but unfortunately I have no dremel to do it with.

    Edit: I happened to find a thread (finally) that talks about this now that I have the terminology. Looks like I'll be okay.
  5. I think I'd just go with little bits of tape. And, you've got a good excuse! Anti-vibration, of course :)
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