Does this sound like a good configuration for maxing out WoW

For christmas i am getting these following additions to my computer;
2 GB of DDR2 RAM
Ati Radeon 4870 HD 1GB
Intel E6700 Pentium Dual Core Processor 3.20 GHz

Do you think i will be able to max out wow at over 45 FPS?
What FPS do you think i will get for black ops? thanks you all very much :)
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  1. With or without Antialiasing and v-sync? =P
  2. both on
  3. i would just like to know, what fps i could be getting
  4. It would be helpful to know what resolution you game at.

    That might max out WoW at 1680x1050, but I think it's unlikely to do so at 1920x1080. No idea about Black Ops.
  5. well i will be playing at a low resolution 1024x768?
  6. A 4870 is probably complete overkill for 1024x768. Yes, you should be able to completely max out WoW at that resolution. Your limiting factor is more likely to be your CPU, if anything, at that resolution.
  7. would you reccomend a better cpu then? thanks for the help :)
  8. Yes - an Intel Core i5 3.2GHz dual core with hyper-threading. It is pretty cheap and a very good processor. Just be sure that you have an 1156 socket motherboard.
  9. with the processor i am getting will performance still be good, with a high framerate?
  10. i have a socket 775 motherboard :(
  11. kiza21 said:
    i have a socket 775 motherboard :(

    What is your budget and your complete specs? You additions will not max out WoW, far from it.
  12. cory1234 said:
    What is your budget and your complete specs? You additions will not max out WoW, far from it.

    Did you see what resolution the OP is gaming at? At 1024x768, pretty much anything should max out WoW. Hardly anyone even tests at that resolution. Here's the first hit I got on google: , and it's with 3+

    OP, what is your current setup? There's little point in upgrading to an E6700 if you already have something that's similar in performance. There's little value in upgrading a 775 processor most of the time, as the price for one of those CPUs is very high compared to the performance you get.

    I'd definitely recommend posting the info requested in the How to Ask for New Build Advice thread, to see if you can get better recommendations for your budget.
  13. i have a intel pentium 4 3Ghz right now, with a shitty intel intergrated graphics chip, and 2gb of corsair ddr2 ram, the only thing i am keeping in my set up is the RAM, but eventually i will upgrade for 4 (2x2) 240 pin. i was looking for a 64 bit processor so i could upgrade to more RAM if i wanted to, it also is a dual core which is another reason i wanted it, and the moment i only have a single core. Im not sure if its alright and handling gaming but it was the best - cheapest 64 bit processor i could find.
  14. does anyone agree that this set up is okay?
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