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I purchased a (Crucial 4g dual 1333 ballistic (BL2KIT25664BN1337) CL: SN: BL2KIT25664BN1337) for changing memory of my PC because i need a good CL(Timing) but when open the BIOS i see, when enable XMP I see that when save it and boot my computer the PC not boot. when set the timing manually to was boot and work but i can't rely on it to give me real timing please help me to config my BIOS and XMP to have low timing. my PC specifications is:

CPU: Intel 9300Q
Motherboard: GIGABYTE X38T-DQ6
RAM: Crucial 4g dual 1333 ballistic (BL2KIT25664BN1337) CL:
VGA: Nvidia 8800gts 512 OC
Power: Cooler Master gt 750w
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  1. I have posted a ton of issues with Gigabyte and the use of the XMP settings. I never use XMP and always set the RAM manually. Further, when XMP 'works' you must have the RAM installed in the correct DIMM slots plus when putting together even identical RAM i.e. Sets of 2 pairs and/or single sticks XMP won't work.
  2. Thanks for your reply

    I chek it, my 2 modules of memory is in correct slot that my system know it as dual chanel memory.But what is XMP? and it work with 9300Q? my last memory is (ocz gold 2gb 1333 dual chanel) and i bought it 3 years ago that has not XMP and it's Timing is, in my new ram the timing that printed on pocket is but in BOIS when XMP is disable, timing is The (SiSoftware Sandra Professional Business 2011c) also show standard timing i dont know what happend pleas guide me.

    Thanks alot
  3. XMP is an Intel only 'SPD' encoding in the RAM; the BIOS loads the proper: DRAM Frequency, CAS Timings, and DRAM Voltage. XMP is simular to the 'JEDEC' 'SPD' settings as seen in CPU-z 'SPD' tab ->

    The solution is to set the DRAM Frequency -> DDR3-1333MHz and CAAS Timings 7-7-7-24-(2N) (CAS-TRCD-TRP-TRAS-CMD) manually in the BIOS.

    System Memory Multiplier -> 4 ; (depends CPU Host Frequency (Mhz)) 1333 / 333 = 4
    DRAM Timing Selectable -> Manual
    CAS Latency Time -> 7
    DRAM RAS# to CAS# Delay -> 7
    DRAM RAS# Precharge -> 7
    Precharge delay (tRAS) -> 24

    Save & Exit = Yes

    ^The above is how you manually set the DRAM Frequency and CAS Timings in the BIOS.

    Example (JEDEC & XMP):
  4. Hello
    Excus me for delay;

    I test this configuration, when change System Memory Multiplier from auto to 4 my computer do not boot. When use CPU-Z i can see Timing: only when xmp is enable because in this condition voltage is 1.69 but when xmp is disable voltage is 1.76. According to below picture only when i can have Timing: that my frequency to be 1334 not 1333, is it applies to all memory or it is only for this memory?? May be damaged? i say it because 3 No. in it's Timing: but in Crucial website ( i see for this memory.
    My BIOS configration is very confused & expanded I want to have real CL:7 please guide me.
    If picture of my BIOS help to solve this problem tel me to send it.

    Very thanks for your help
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    Clearly the XMP encoding is totally screwed-up, there's no way to have DDR3-1333 with 7-7-7-3-2N timings. Something is majorly screwed-up with those sticks.

    System Memory Multiplier -> Auto
    DRAM Timing Selectable -> Manual
    CAS Latency Time -> 7
    DRAM RAS# to CAS# Delay -> 7
    DRAM RAS# Precharge -> 7
    Precharge delay (tRAS) -> 24
  6. Tanks alot for your guide.
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