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  2. Ok. How will this build run games? Like, what setting will it be able to run the average game at comfortably? How long will it last like this?
  3. Wait a day or two, AMD just released two new cards and it seems the video card prices will drop soon even for the GTX 460. What PSU?
  4. Ok, but I found a deal for a gtx 460 factory oc for $165. should I still wait? I'm going to use a 450w psu and I meant to ask weather this would be ok or not. What cards do you speak of? How much do you guess that the prices will drop?
  5. What card? If it's a 1GB version you can get that but what PSU exactly? Some overclocked 460 are consuming more than 200W. Or you can get a 127W HD 6850:
  6. One that came with this case. Sorry don't know much more about it :/
  7. Wow, you might need a new PSU even for the HD 6850. Don't get the OCed GTX that's for sure.

    LE: Athenatech claims that the PSU has 324W on the 12V rail (the rail that matters) but I doubt that even if it's true the 460 is too much for it, you need another 125W for the CPU alone + the HDD, DVD, fans.
  8. This sucks. And I just bought the psu and the case from a local store. Don't know if I can return it :(
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