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I have a small problem with a Gigabyte GA-H55-USB3 motherboard (with i5 760 processor). It is supposed to go in a robot therefore it doesn't need graphics support.
a) I need it to run without graphics card. Can i fool the POST?
b) Where can I get ultra low profile graphics card or dummy card?
c) I am willing to make my own card if it isn't too expensive. I have the means to make it but I cant find any circuits.

What are my options here?
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  1. The system will run just fine without a graphics card and there's no need to make BIOS changes, the motherboard will automatically use its built in Intel graphics chip if no dedicated card is present and AFAIK it will not matter if the motherboard is not connected to a monitor.
  2. Have you considered switching to a dual core i5 or an i3 that has integrated graphics?
  3. Yes I have, but it costs money and has lower performance.
  4. OOPS! Me bad. Misread the Gigabyte specs:(
    Depending on where you live there may be plenty of inexpensive low profile cards, most of which draw their power from the motherboard so need no external power lead:

  5. May I ask exactly what this bot will do? Usually, for a bot, I would run a Atom/VIA CPU. They don't need that much computing power depending on what you do at least I haven't seen a bot using an i5. The highest computing I'v seen on a bot was on Stanley in the DARPA challenge a while back. As a robot builder, I would like to know what this bot will do. Any info is appreciated.

    As for your graphics problem, just grab a cheap card like a 8400GS or so, preferably, a low profile one.
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