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I have been having really bad freezing issues on my computer and i just put in a new CPU, MOBO, and RAM and it got worse! its a 600 watt NZXT. I have a Radeon HD 5770 1 gb graphics card, MSI P67A-GD65 mobo, Intel i7 2600k 3.4 ghz, and 2 4gb vengence corsair RAM. Is it my PSU or maybe something else?
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  1. plenty of power & good brand, how old is it?
  2. my money is on the psu since you have swapped pretty much everything. Its not too small, as you put it, just may be faulty.. Are your freezing issues just random? when playing games? Could be bad sectors on your hard drive. Run the manufacturers disk diagnostic tool which can be downloaded for free from their site to check for errors.
  3. I have run windows diagnostics and its about 3 years old. got the computer in summer 08 and its the PSU that was in it
  4. oh yeah and it is mainly random but it was mostly during video games before now its at any time
  5. it does sound like it can be a PSU.
  6. how sure are you? :)
  7. You can go to a local PC parts place and get a power supply tester for 10 bucks. This will show you if your PSU is providing correct voltages to your system. Likewise, some motherboards in BIOS allow you to see this information as well, but on yours, I am not sure.

    It is unlikely that your HDD would cause lock ups without other big issues and everything else has been swapped out. So, your either looking at a component mismatch, I E, bad or incorrect settings on your ram (which will cause random issues) or a PSU voltage supply issue. I'd go for the tester and double check your ram settings.
  8. How about downloading CPUIZ-HWMonitor, install and run. Run prime 95 and monitor voltages Primarily min for +12V. You can also use furmark, in a window, to stress the +12V rail. Also monitor the other voltages and temps.
  9. the older nzxt were lowish end
  10. i bought a 850 w power supply and put it in and my freezing has lessen but not totally abated the freezing. so how do i fix my ram settings?
  11. what brand 850 did you buy?
  12. thermaltake
  13. took my graphics card out and put it in a friends computer and it ran a movies for about 3 hrs without a freeze so its not that. That leaves the voltages and my harddrive correct?
  14. Have you monitored your voltages and temps under load??
    Try HWMonitor
    Also download Prime95.
    Run HWMonitor to monitor your voltages and temps. This should be done under load so run Prine95 while monitoring.

    This could also be a driver conflict or a software issue. When you swapped out your MB, you did REINSTALL windows - right.
  15. no i didn't reinstall windows i didn't know i had to.. but my new dvd drive comes today so i was going to because a friend told me to reinstall just to see if it helps
  16. That is very likely your problem - incorrect drivers. Often when you upgrade a new mother board it will have a different chipset and you need to wipe out incorrect MB specific drivers - Win 7 will load the correct drivers.
  17. but the freezing happened before i had the new mobo too
  18. That could have been either the same issue, or your Hardware. By upgrading your components you have changed the equation. (ie your problem in the OLD system may have been related to your PSU which you changed out, or a problem with temps which have been affected by replacing the CPU or it could also have been a driver issue - However changing the MB, without reinstalling would have made this even worse. With out knowing before and after voltages and temps, this is hard to answer definatively.
  19. if the voltages aree off what do i do? and i downloaded them both and CPUID has +3.3 V, CPU VCORE, VIN2, VIN3, +5V, +12V, VIN6, VSB3V, and VBAT under voltages, which are my RAM?
  20. also, i reinstalled windows vista 64 bit and it still freezes so i couldn't get windows 7 installed yet. so im guessing windows wasnt the issue?
  21. are you running windows 7 64bit? have you turned hpet mode on in bios and set it to 64bit. if you dont set it and you are using vista or win7 you will get random crashes, lockups and bsods.
    set to 32 for 32bit o.s. and 64 for 64bit o.s.
    good luck.
    also if you have a weak component, c1 halt state will show this up when your computer idles and lowers its speeds and volts. if a part cant keep up it will cause a lockup and if your mobo has an led it will show c1 on it.
    so after you check hpet and if that doesnt sort it, try turning off c1 halt and see if that works. that way you will at least know if its hardware or software based error.
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    Also in addition to ^
    You do not need to reinstall vista to install Window 7, even if your windows 7 is an upgrade version.

    In fact I recommend not reinistalling Vista and then installing win 7.
    Method for using upgrade win7 and doing a "Fresh Install" with out previous operating system installed.
    Select CUSTOM install. Complete install. DO NOT enter windows 7 Key when prompted for it.
    When install is competed:
    - Allow win 7 to download all updates. (Note you will have upto 30 days to activate - imput Key when you activate.
    - When all updates have been perform the next two steps:
    Ref: In the link sroll down to "Method #2.

    Condensed version of link:
    (1) from start menu - type regedit.
    Simple way to find location to change - under edit Do a search for "MediaBootInstall" with out quotes. On right side double click it and change the "0" to a "1" then exit/close - There is no save, it does it automaticlly.
    (2) From start menu - type cmd
    In the dos window enter slmgr /rearm and hit enter.

    Wallo, you can now activate using your key.
  23. ok my hpet is enabled and was already and the c1e was disabled so enabled it. i will try your windows thing now
  24. well will the windows thing erase all my files?
  25. You should alway have a backup of data and files that you create.
    Also reson for maltipue partitions - Operating system and programs on drive C - all your data on D.

    Any ways I thoug you already tried to install vista (clean installation) then Win 7 upgrade which should have deleted your files.
  26. i did it on my 2nd hd after switching all my files over. but i went back to my full HD and after messing around with those BIOS things you two mentioned then only doing the second part of the above thing, the 0 to a 1 and all that, i haven't had a freeze in hours and that hasn't ever happened! I think it's fixed!! THANKS!!!!
  27. dugie77 said:
    how sure are you? :)

    Well, you could also look on the psu label and see the efficiency for example my psu has 70% efficiency and it's 320W but however on the psu label it says that the max output is 300W :non: you have to pay attention to that. :??:
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