How will this run new games?

I'm not sure if I should post this here, but I just looked at my Christmas present that my mom ordered me, it's parts for a new computer!!!! Here are the specs:

Athlon II x3 445 Rana @ 3.1 GHz
Radeon HD 5670 1gb
4gb (2x2GB) G.Skill Ripjaws RAM
Windows 7 Home Premium

It also has 500 GB storage and a dvd/cd burner and all that good stuff, and a 600w PSU.

Now, my question is: How will this run games such as Call of Duty: Black Ops and The Witcher on high settings with at least 25+ FPS and at 1280 x 768 resolution?

And, how long will this last me until I need to upgrade?
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  1. Your GPU is limited a little by your processor, but you should be able to hit 25fps at that resolution, as for how long, that is unknown, dx11 is a newer technology that hasn't been fully implemented in most current titles.
  2. What if I were to OC the CPU?
  3. as it comes stock, the 445 has enough muscle to drive any GPU. The major limit will be the GPU. However, at your resolution, you should do fine on high if you tone down the Anti-Aliasing with the 5670. In a year, you'll be able to upgrade the GPU and skip to whatever replaces the 68xx
  4. I don't feel that I should help you until after Christmas morning.
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