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Ok, not sure if I'm asking in the right place, but I have a situation I cannot solve.

I just moved in to an apartment that is connected to another family's house. The internet is included, but I was unhappy to find out that I had to connect using a USB wireless adapter, ewwww. So anyway, I've installed the program that goes along with the adapter, and can enter the connection information into it (WEP security) But after a long time of acquiring a network address, it just notifies me that it has limited or no connectivity. The actual adapter program says the signal strength and connection are fine... but windows says limited or no connectivity.

So I guess this is going to boil down to two questions...

1. Any thoughts on the above-referenced situation?

2. The family probably has the FIOS wireless router thingy that the coaxial cable plugs into. They have strung two coaxial cables into our apartment, one goes to our TV, and the other is in our computer room. If I connected another modem, say one that was used for an old comcast account, and connected my computer to that... would that work or no? I'm not bad with computers, just never been too keen on networking issues.

Thank you for any help you can give me.
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  1. I could understand if they put coaxial cable there for the tv, but I don't think they'd do that for the internet also...

    I have Fios, and when we moved in my inlaws basically gutted the house and what not... we never ran cable to the other rooms, so I was using wireless in the room I'd set my computer up in. No more than 20 feet BUT going through a wall.

    Connection was horrible. At some point, we had a bad router where it was giving me limited/no connectivity.

    Wireless is good when it works but I've never found it to be good when you have it going through walls just because of the fact that it drops packets. I guess the optimal solution for you would be if you had an ethernet cable run from wherever they have their router, to your apartment.
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