Building the smallest media centre possible

Hi all,

Haven't had any experience with ITX/Micro ATX before, but I've built several machines in the past. Looking for some advice if you'd all be so kind :)

So I already have an ATI 5570 (Low profile) card sitting around. I've also got a spare core 2 duo sitting at 2.8 GHZ that I'd like to use.

Other than that, I'm willing to pick up just about anything. What I'd like is the following:

- Smallest form factor possible (this is for a media centre, with some gaming)
- Must have at least one extra PCI-e 1x slot for another low profile card I have (an e-sata port multiplier, for an external hard drive bay I have)
- Must have gigabit networking
- Must support the video card, and processor. If the mobo supports i5/i7's as well, that'd be awesome.

That's it. I'm mostly looking for advice on how to choose a case, power supply, mobo and cooling. Any and all advice is much appreciated! I'm not even sure what "low profile" means. Can I use ITX for this?

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  1. Got the chance to do some research since my last post.

    I'm thinking of putting the core2, video card, and some spare RAM (DDR2) on this little guy:

    I could really use some advice on the case/power supply though, as I still haven't found a clear definition of what "low profile" means. This seem to be smallest, while still micro-ATX compatible:

    Does anyone have any suggestions via the case? I'm not sure I can trust either of the power supplies to put out the power I need to power the processor and video card I have.
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