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I'm after a new graphics card because my ati radion 3650 is showing its age, and i'm after a cheap card which will be a reasonable improvement. It would be nice also if it would not only work for gaming but also for 3D design work with lightwave & maya too.

any ideas?
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  1. The HD5670 is the best choice on the low end(sub $100) at the moment and should be fine on a PSU of 300w or higher. On older systems I would avoid versions of the card labeled as PCIE 2.1, stick with 2.0.
  2. I suppose this is the fastest AGP card you can get right now ...??? How it stands against what you have now I didn't look. It would also depend on the rest of your hardware and if it will fit in your case/mother board right now ? .
  3. The OP never mentioned AGP. It's possible he has an AGP port but the HD3650 came out well after PCIE was standard. If it is AGP I wouldn't bother with an upgrade.
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