Flash/Update my bios


I would like to update/flash my bios, but I'm a but confused on what to do.

My motherboard is the MSI-P55-GD65.

It's given me these two files, where do I put them to select them when I'm in the bios?


Any help would be amazing.

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  1. The top file is the actual bios file; the bottom one is the flash program. I use "live update" instead. It's a windows based flash program that searches msi's website for your latest files, including drivers and bios file. But I don't know if it will work with your board. I couldn't get your flash program to work with windows 7 64 bit and an asus board, but try it anyway. If the program won't run, you may have to disable any "boot block" or "virus protection" settings in the bios. If the program starts, you'll see a small black window appear while the flash program is running. If you have a floppy disk or usb flash drive, you may be prompted to save your old bios file. You can skip this but if it's convenient, I would save the file. Do not do anything else to your system while the program is running. Once the old bios file is erased by the flash program, you must let it finish loading the new file, or you will have a dead board.
  2. I agree, use the Windows utility from the motherboard manufacture.

    *You should see what the latest BIOS is, sometimes the Live update programs don't use the latest one especially if it's Beta.

    1. Install the Live Update utility
    2. Download the latest BIOS for your motherboard
    3. Run the Live Update and do a manually update, not live, and browse to the file you downloaded.

    Flashing the BIOS can change settings, such as:
    1. CPU set to default speeds
    2. RAM set to default speeds
    3. RAID may be lost (just set back to "RAID" but don't go into the RAID portion and wipe your RAID setup)
    4. CPU Fan (make sure auto-fan is enabled and the setting is correct. Physically check that your fan speed varies if your CPU gets hot. Auto, Voltage or PWM. May not be set correctly by default. If not CPU fan stays at 100% so it's loud.)

    5. Audio chip set to ON. Will conflict with addon audio cards. Need to turn OFF again.

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