Intel D865 Perl Memory Voltage

Hi, I'm upgrading the memory on my D865 Perl Mo Bo, and unsure if it supports 1.8v memory.

Here is the support page for the board....

It states 2.5V and 2.6V 184-pin 400 mhz DDR SDRAM DIMMs

I searched for 400 mhz dual channel memory and found these....

Very good price, but it states the voltage is 1.8v

Would these be suitable/safe for my D865 Perl?...possible to change the voltage in the bios?

Thanks for any info.

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  1. 1.8v DDR modules don't exist; they are 2.5v or 2.6v. The modules at are DDR2, not DDR. The largest module size is 1GB low density (16 chips - 8 on each side of the module) and they are expensive (old technology always is).

    Crucial CT2KIT12864Z40B:

    Corsair CMC2GX1M2A400C3 should also work:
  2. Ack!, I didn't notice the "2".

    Oh well, more than twice the price, but it's needed, I'm running 4 x 512 in single channel mode.

    Thanks for the info and clarification.

    Do I take it these can be run in dual channel ? I'm assuming it's standard.

  3. Unless they are different, 2 or 4 modules should run in dual channel mode.

    Edit: Windows 32-bit can access a maximum of 3.25 GB of memory. If I were you, I would order only one kit to increase memory to 3 GB.
  4. Thx GhislainG, I missed this reply, I still haven't got round to buying it.
    Just one last question, If I have 2 x 1 gb sticks and 2 x 512 mb sticks will they run in dual channel mode?
    Could you elaborate on what you mean by "unless they are different"

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