CPU over clocking HSF and temps problem.

Hi, I recently built my rig listed below. I have always had issues with my i7s temps and I know I'm mounting my heatsinks right. Could my i7 be defective somehow or perhaps it's bad ram misconfiguring the DMA. I have my voltages set low, too low for stability, in fact, as I continue my overclock to 3.8ghz. I've read that the average for my HSF and CPU is under 70 at 4ghz. I'm getting 70+ loads at under 3.8! I'm using the default paste. Idle- 38-43 load 70-74 ambient- 76f. I know there's a bios update out, but I haven't set it since I disconnected my network adapter since i've been working on it. I hear it shouldn't change much, though. The surface of the CPU has some minor scratches from idk what.. Maybe q-tips from trying to get thermalpaste off? The heatsinks has the same. I have the d-14s fans set put as push, push, pull (HAF x chassis), using the default noctua fans. P12, p14. I know the case has good airflow.

Please respond with helpful info and tips. Thanks! :)

Mah rig:

CPU: intel core i7 950 w/ hyper threading
HSF: noctua nh d-14 with NT-H1 default paste.
Mobo: ASUS rampage 3 formula.
Case: Cooler Master HAF X
RAM: corsair dominator XMS3 1333mhz
PSU: zalaman 1000w

(that's all that could possibly affect the issue)
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  1. Try new paste. Possibly a better 3rd party paste with 99% silver in it.
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