I have been using a Toshiba laptop model "Satellite A135-S2276", since January 2007 without any problem.
Yesterday morning I was using the machine and took it to the university in my bag and in the evening when I came back, it is not working!. the screen turns to a weak white colour and nothing else can be seen. When I connect it to a external monitor, everything is displayed there. I tried with Fn+F5 keys, disconnected external monitor and removed the battery for some time and restarted; but nothing improved.
Any help in this situation would be highly appreciated and thank you in advance for any suggestions that would help me to figure out the problem.
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  1. You may just have dislodged the connection for the screen or it has just died, without taking a screwdriver to it you won't be able to tell for sure.
  2. ^ Agreed. By the looks of it, it seems as the LCD/backlight/inverter is working. Looks like the vid connector came off.
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