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How to tell if my SATA ports are not working

So this started a couple months ago. I have three separate hard drives. A 750GB seagate, a 500 GB seagate and a 500GB Western Digital Caviar green. The WD has my OS which is Windows 7 64-bit, and the other two are for storage. I would be browsing my computer and when I wanted to access a video or song on one of those drives they would be gone. Then my OS would crash and not boot. It said boot.mgr is missing. I tried reloading the OS to the WD and the 500GB seagate and each time they would get part of the way through and it would get an error saying that the installation location could no longer be accessed and would close. If the drives all work fine when in external enclosures could this be my SATA ports on the board? Or is there something that needs updated? Any and all feedback is welcome and appreciated
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    Have only one hard drive connected to your system, like just your OS drive, and reinstall Windows. Make sure you use a known working SATA cable and power cable and make sure these are connected and seated properly to the hard drive and motherboard. If the same problem happens for at least 2 drives, try flashing your BIOS. Otherwise, it may really be your SATA controllers that's faulty. Check the link below and see if the troubleshooting detailed there helps:
  2. Thanks for the suggestions, I'll give these a try
  3. look in you bios when you connect them one at the time if it appear and been detect correctly,test the western drive with data lifeguard diagnostic and the seagate with seagate sea tools
  4. I have tested the drives with their respective diagnostic software and they have come back with no errors. Also, with only the WD plugged in I was able to install the Windows 7 when plugged into the SATA port number 2 of 4. It failed to install on the first port because it disappeared part of the way through installation.
  5. try your dvd in sata one to see if the bios find it ,also if the board is still under warranty try rma for sata 1 error
  6. the dvd burner is only IDE, no SATA slot so I can't test that. So far I havent' had the drive crash or disappear. Is there possibly something wrong that would make them do it when more than one is plugged in and not do it when there is a single drive plugged in?
  7. look at the bios setting for hdd of your motherboard use the booklet to make exact settings also look witch one is primary detected
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