Need Advice on a Holiday Gift! Which Custom Builder?

Hi there,

I'm looking into getting a custom desktop PC as a holiday gift. I know I can save money by building it myself but there is not much time to learn all that before the holidays!

I tried to do some quick searches on popular custom PC builders and was horrified at so many negative reviews and comments. I'm sure every company has their problems but I just don't want to ruin a gift.

Any reliable custom builder that you would recommend? Any companies that let me choose the case? I would like to have a build with the Corsair 600T. I would appreciate it if guys who bought from any of these companies share your experience. I don't have a set budget but something around $1000. The lower the better! If I have to pay more for quality, that is fine too! There will be no gaming on high resolutions. I already have the monitor, keyboard, mouse and OS!

I'm not exactly set on the 600T. It's just seemed like a nice case!

So where to go to? Who has good customer service and a reliable warranty?

Thank you
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  1. No one here is really going to recommend a custom builder. This site is pretty much exclusively visited by home builders. Custom builders are all pretty horrible quality with terrible service. You will over pay for the parts. Expect to pay a good $200-300 for that specific case (it would only cost you $160 if you bought it yourself), assuming you can find a vendor that has it. $1,000 isn't even scratching the surface on what would get you something decent from a vender.

    I HIGHLY recommend you reconsider building it yourself. There's literally millions of guides on how to do it. If you read a few of them (basically spend a few hours), you'll know enough to get by. Then all it takes is picking out the parts, which is greatly helped by the users here. After that, it's just buying the parts, waiting on the shipping, and spending the couple of hours building it (following your favorite guide).
  2. Cyber Power isn't a terrible company. You will get more for your money building it yourself
  3. I am not sure who the good PC builders are, but I have discovered the hard way the us one of the bad ones. I’ve posted a lengthy rant on my blog detailing the poor quality parts and workmanship, and their having sold me a part they didn’t install:
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