Max RAM supported by G33 / G31 Express chipset family

What's the max RAM supported by Intel Pentium CPU E5200 @ 2.5Ghz, 2.5Ghz Intel G 33 / G 31 Express chipset family? Presently am using 2 GB ram & i would like to upgrade it to about 4 GB. Is it possible ?
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  1. Yes. 4GB will work perfectly. Also, answering your first question, the maximum amount of RAM depends on the motherboard, as some support a maximum of 4GB whilst others will go up to 8GB. Most of these 8GB boards from the newer years also have dual channel support, so getting the same chip as the one you already have isn't a bad idea at all.

    Enjoy! :D
  2. It depends. Most G31 only have 2 dimm slots. So if you have two 1gb sticks you'll have to replace them with a two 2gb sticks.
  3. Oh yes, obviously...

    Missed that, my bad :)
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