Flashed my ASUS P6X58D Premium with new update, Have a blank screen

I flashed with the 1501 update from ASUS for my motherboard now I have a blank screen. Any help I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks
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    stick old bios file on a usb drive, put it in a usb port, turn the computer on and wait a bit.. it should restore or reflash the bios, read your mother board manual for specifics or download the manual from asus.. i have the same mobo and it claims it can do it but ive never had to myself
  2. its on page 35 if that helps, crash free bios i think its called
  3. old bios, I didn't save mine :(..unless I can get it from another computer and download the one older than that one....right?
  4. Ok, I have it and I just realized something though. I have a RAID 0 on both drives and everytime I try to boot on either drive it says "missing operation system"...does anyone know what I can do? Please help me out on this. Thanks
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