Getting games to run in ATI Eye Infinity

I am having problems running Farcry2 and Need For Speed Shift in the Eye Infinity setup.I'm using a 1 X 3 setup and other games run fine. I can't get Far Cry2 to change to the new resolution and Need for Speed says it has an error loading. Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Ok 1 X 3 is fine but what's the resolution?
    Have you tried it at minimum resolutions?
    What is the model of the GPU?
    What is the available VRAM?
    FC2 and NFS Shift are going to be very demanding as far as Video RAM is concerned cos both of them have very heavy maps and textures.....
    At Higher resolutions it going to be so high that you can have a possible illegal function is there is even the slightest of mismatches between the hardware....
    A full detailed specification of your rig, with it's components and RAM and gpu setting and timing would be helpful to solve the problem....
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