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Hello guys I need your expertise, please help: I've just bought an HD 5950 graphips card with unlocked shaders and memory clocks, so it operates as an HD 6970, and when I play it keeps freezing out. My CPU is an AMD Phenom II X4 965 (3,4 Ghz). What do you think, can the reason for this problem be my noname (HKC) 550W power supply unit? Thank you very much!
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  1. I would say more than likely you have solved your own problem, as yes your no name psu needs swapping for a decent 600-650watt psu made by either Antec, Corsair, Enermax, Be Quiet, OCZ, XFX and Zalman.
  2. So shall it be! I really appreciate your help, thank you!
  3. Are you UK based?

    As i can probably recommend some psu for you.
  4. You cant go wrong with that, should give you many years of solid performance and reliability, by the way dont wait to swap them, as, if your no name psu dies it will take out alot of your other pc components with it.
  5. There is no such thing as a HD5950.

    I'm assuming you mean HD6950 flashed to HD6970.
  6. Also keep in mind that the flash can reveal flaws in the processor die or elsewhere and present instability.
  7. It's a HD 6950 of course, I just mistyped it. After installing 11.4 preview catalyst driver the system seems to be stable, even it is a bit noisy. I hope flashing won't cause any hardware issues. Thanks for your comments.
  8. the chances are it will show up as a memory problem first if its gonna show anything...
    because the reference cards use lower quality ram to keep the cost down...
    so if you decide to get a quieter cooler make sure you get 1 that has good memory cooling too.

    on a side not have you noticed in some aplications like windows live messenger, text bluring?
  9. Not really. I don't use live messenger on this rig, but I haven't noticed such thing in any other apps either. Should I have, or why do You ask?
  10. since i used 10.1 and up i have been getting problems with certain apps showing blurred text, and as you have an ati card i thought id ask.
    anyways thanx for the quick reply...
  11. Make sure you have the +20% in ccc set. If you don't you 6959 cut off for watts is not enough needed to run it as a 6970
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