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Hello Gurus,

Need a little help. I an trying to decide whether to buy pre-built or build on my own. Can I get a recommendation for both (newegg for parts). Primary needs:

1. Fast PC for Video Encoding (Gaming not necessary). Lot of HD video of baby girl still in files, want to burn HD (is bluray burner required for this?)
2. Run some business applications reliably (Quickbooks, SAPGUI etc)
3. Browsing
4. Be available for remote access
5. Future upgradeability
6. Good sandforce SSD is a must for boot drive, have one on my laptop and cannot go back. Small data drive ok, have 6 GB NAS storage.
7. Budget is $1200, but willing to spend a little more for future proofing.

Would I be better off getting a workstation build that allows a second processor to be added later. At some point when I find time, I want to be able to add virtual machines to run server software for R&D work and testing. If that means too much extra invested money sitting around, I would rather wait, but otherwise, I don't mind springing for an expandable workstation/server now.

I can wait a few weeks if the new CPU arrival will benefit me.

Thanks a ton,
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  1. then wait for the sandy bridge releasing on the first week of januvary
  2. If you can wait, you might want to. Personally, I just bought a Phenom II X6 which should be here today. ( i couldn't wait) The x6 is great for encoding but only average on games so it shouldn't matter for you.

    Also, are there any parts you don't require like keyboard, mouse, OS, monitor?

    It is almost always cheaper to build your own if you have the ability.
  3. I do not require Keyboard, mouse, OS or Monitor. Gaming is not at all a priority (most I do is solitaire and online poker). I still need a recommendation for the components as I have never built a PC before.
  4. If you are looking for a server build, check out this combo from Newegg for just over $900 and it gives you the option to add a second processor later.

    As for whether it would be better to get this now rather than later, it would probably depend on how long it would be before you would be purchasing it. For video encoding, you are going to want either a i7 920 or higher or a phenom II X6. Integrated graphics would be fine for what you want to do.

    For HD video, you will need a blu ray burner.
  5. Hi jedi940,

    This is a great start. I have waited so long that another month or two will not really hurt. Thanks for the reply. Karthik
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    Glad to help. Intel's Sandy bridge is supposed to be quite good. After the reviews for those get released, most likely towards the end of this month, it will be easier to recommend a build.
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