Any reason to upgrade my GTX260 right now?

With the 6850 and 6870 coming out and me having some extra money lying around I was wondering if it would be worth it. I haven't had problems running anything on my comp yet.
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  1. Depend on your situation and your specs...
    What about the rest of your specs? monitor? are you a gamer? enthusiast?
  2. If you haven't had problems yet then you might as well not worry about it. Compared to modern cards the GTS260 consumes to much power, and lacks DX11. If however you have a small monitor or don't play DX10/11 games (or still on XP) then none of this matters to you. Perhaps the $$$ is better spent on a new monitor or keyboard/mouse?
  3. Only if you are looking for a performance boost. If you are not having any problems, then I don't see the point in upgrading.
  4. Looks like some one simply has some money burning a hole in their pocket. If your current PC does all you need it to do, why throw money away? Put it in the bank, save it for something later that you do need.
  5. Yeah I'm on 2 21inch monitors. Both at 16xx by 1050. No problems running anything yet.
  6. Then don't upgrade. Maybe next summer. Or buy a full HD LCD and upgrade your video card next summer when the DX11 games will be in full strength.
  7. How much money? Can you afford to get another 21" 1680x1050 monitor? If you can you can then buy another GTX260 card assuming you have an SLI board and power supply, or a 5850 for some 3 screen gaming. (called Eyefinity for AMD or surround gaming for Nvidia.) If you don't know what I'm talking about, look up the terms on youtube. Your nearly there which is why I suggested.
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