Urgent - Kindly help me select the power supply

Hello Friends,

I have ordered the AMD HD 6950 2GB. Going to unlock it to Hd 6970. I have Core i7 2600K and an Asus P8P67 Pro b3.

I was thinking of Going towards Corsair GS700W Gamer Series Power Supply. ( I am in India ).

But I heard that it was not that much good. Also I was Offered a Corsair CMPSU 750TX at a bargain. Should I go with 750TX?

Will the 750TX ( Older version ) be able to power up my HD 6950? ( It is not certified by AMD website ).


Corsair 750TX :
Cosrair GS700W :

Kindly give me advice on what I should Go.
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    Tx750 will be fine
  2. ^+1 power will not be an issue with the TX750
  3. Take a look here if you haven't yet. I don't know what you have access to in India, but this list will show you what PSU's are worth while in the 750watt range. You will have to do price comparisons to find out the best deal in your area.
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