My first pc build

Hey everyone!

I live in Portugal so ill be ordering my parts from

I Have been wanting to make my own pc for a very very long time now, and i finally got to it.. Ill be wanting to play games like crysis 2, and mass effect 3 when they come out, so it has to be a good solid build..
My budget is around 1050 euros on parts, and around 1250 with a monitor...

So the parts i have chosen until now are:


So thats what i have come up until now, id like to know what u guys think.. If its a good build, and if all the pieces work out good for each other...
I do have preferences with AMD so i dont really want any Intel or Nvidia

Thanks in advance
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  1. If you really want to buy a relatively inexpensive 6 core processor, go right ahead. But if you want your gaming PC to be better optimized, you need a 3-4 core procssor at best and you've gotta change that GPU to a 5870 if you want Radeon or a GTX 480 if you're ok with Nvidia.

    Most games are bottlenecked with GPU's and not CPU's and are not optimized even for quad cores.

    Also, what's your monitor resolution? Any less than 1920x1080, and there's no way you'll be needing even a GTX 460/6870.

    Also, you don't need any more than 4GB RAM for gaming. If you're into video rendering/photo editing, be my guest, but for gaming, any more than 4 as of now is a waste of money.

    Corsair DDR3 1600 2 x 2GB - that's all the RAM one will ever need for optimized gaming performance in an AM3 system. You can get something that says CL7 or C7 though. That will be a wee bit faster in some benchmarks, but won't make much of a real world difference in gaming.

    Also, get an Asrock 870 Extreme3 - more mobo than you'll ever need. Nobody needs a 154 pound AMD mobo. I mean honestly.

    You'll never need a 750 Watt PSU. That's totally overkill. get a Corsair VX Series, 550 Watt.

    You can keep you WDC hard drive. That one's plenty good. But here's an option as well- SAMSUNG SPINPOINT F3 S-ATA/300 1TB

    Your DVD drive is IDE. That's old tech. You need SATA- LG SATA 22x DVDRW LightScribe

    Keep the case :)
  2. Well i am going to be working a lot with illustrating programs, and will be doing some video rendering when needed, hence the 6-core cpu and the 8gb ram..

    Reason i chose the HD6870 over the HD5870 is that its quite a lot cheaper =/

    Ill be getting 1920x1080 monitor, so ill be needing a good card..

    A chose that mobo, as one of my friends has had it for quite a while now, and its worked top notch for him, never failing once..

    The 750w is for when i decide to crossfireX, which i will at some point

    I didnt notice that of the DVD drive, thanks x)

    At relatively the same price as the CPU i got there, what is a good other option??

  3. For video rendering at that price point that's the only real option.

    And you said nothing 'bout illustrating and rendering. So you know where I was coming from :)

    For gaming, I was going with cheaper CPU and pricier GPU.
  4. yeah i kinda forgot, sorry about that x) ehehehe

    But is the pc well balanced for all the needs i will needing??

    And thanks again ;)
  5. FFuriouSS said:
    But is the pc well balanced for all the needs i will needing??
    Yeah looks like it. The parts were all good taken in isolation. It's just that for gaming alone, it made no sense whatsoever, with no mention of xfire, that PSU made no sense either. But now it all pretty much does.

    Congrats, looks like you're gonna have a pretty decent system :)
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