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Building a new PC mainly for gaming and WILL BE USING 3D. That being said I have found some GTX460's in my price range but originally planned on getting a GTS250 (and with the price I found I can get 2 for the price of the GTX460) Or should I split the difference and go for the GTS450?

Is it better to have 2 GTS250's in SLi or one GTX460 for 3D gaming and movie playback?

Is there much difference in going with a GTS450 rather than a GTX460?

And the main difference between a GTS250 and a GTX260/5 (or higher 2 Series for that matter)
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  1. Quote:
    Two gts 250 are almost equivalent to one gtx 460.

    Playing games in 3d is very demanding.You need a min of gtx 480 or 2 gtx460 to enjoy games in 3d with decent framerate.Add to that you need a supercostly 100hz 3d ready monitor,Nvidia 3d glasses.All this will cost you a fortune.

    Gtx 460 is significantly faster than gts 450.

    And you last question is irrelevant if you buy gtx 460.

    IMO playing games in 3d is a complete waste.Add to that it gives you headache upon using.

    For reference, how many Fps are u putting in a "good" category? I'm playing on a laptop with an 8600GT M and I get 29FPS on L4D. If I get 60FPS with 2 GTS 250's, that would be just fine.
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