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I'm thinking of getting a geforce 430 but have been considering whether I need to get a new PCU or not?

Currently I have 255 w power supply in my computer and they recommend you have 300 w. I have looked around on the internet and found that under a heavy work load the actual power consumption of the geforce 430 is around 222 w.

So can I get away with keeping my 255 w psu and installing a geforce 430? whats the worse that will happen if It goes wrong?

Its a fairly new computer with 6gb ram, and an i3 processor. I require the graphics card so I can render out 3d work and work with video editing.

Thanks in advance for any helpful advice
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  1. The 1g one takes up 49 watts apparently, i'd get it and it should be fine but i'd advise upgrading to atleast 300-400 watt power supply anyway.
  2. Thanks for the nice straightforward response. I will do that, see what happens and may upgrade my psu soon.
  3. with that in mind I have ordered a 500 watt psu along with geforce 430.. Happy days :) thanks 4 advice
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